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Balanced Market in DFW?

When it comes time for you to buy, invest, or sell real estate, The Mark Cabal Team offers a free consultation with up to the minute market data to help you plan for the best outcome in your real estate experience. Call us today.

Hot, Cold and Neutral Real Estate Markets

When most people decide to sell or buy a home, very few people stop to take the temperature of the marketplace or wonder if the market is conducive to the goals at hand. That's because most folks tend to think of their home as a place to live and not as an investment.


What is your favorite travel destination?

There goes a saying, “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”  Sometimes you just need to schedule some flex time to give your work travel a little boost and sight see. It might mean arriving a day early or catching an earlier or later flight home after your meetings have ended. Why not? You came all this way after all.  We feel very privileged each year to participate in our company’s annual Family Reunion for Keller Williams Realty. Each year the destination changes and this year we just got back from New Orleans. We enjoyed not only learning new ways to refresh and re-energize our business but had time to enjoy the culture of this city. What’s your favorite travel destination? What made it an amazing experience?


What do I need to do to sell my house for top dollar?

Call us today for a free no obligation market analysis on your home.

10 Best-Kept Secrets for Selling Your Home

Selling Secret #4: Take the home out of your house One of the most important things to do when selling your house is to de-personalize it. The more personal stuff in your house, the less potential buyers can imagine themselves living there. Get rid of a third of your stuff - put it in storage.


Do I need a realtor to represent me on new construction homes?

Call us today and ask about our Builder Trade-In program. if you are considering new construction, we are here to help!

Want to Buy a Brand New Home? Get Started With These Tips

New home buyers don't want a used house when only new home construction will do. They don't want to inherit somebody else's worn carpeting, personal taste in kitchen appliances, or look at some kid's initials scrawled into once-wet cement. The home must be brand spankin' new, fresh and clean without so much as a finger print on the walls.


Should I buy a Spec Home?

If you are considering buying a spec home, give us a call to discuss price points and areas. We stay up with the current inventory on spec homes by some of the most popular builders in the DFW area. We can help you navigate best options for you and which builders are offering the best incentives.  We are here to help!

In a time of high demand and limited inventory, spec houses are making a return

March 15, 2018 Home buyers across the country are scrambling for properties, and real estate professionals are begging for more houses to be built to answer the high demand. Under these conditions, you might suspect that developers would be more inclined to build a house even before a buyer has purchased it.


Should I buy a house with friends or family?

6 Things to Consider Before Buying House with Friends or Family

Buying a home with someone else can be a great option for many reasons. But it can also come with some potentially huge personal and financial pitfalls. Understanding these issues ahead of time will ensure that your finances--and your relationships with your co-owners--come through the process intact.


10 Best Places to Live in Texas for 2019

These Are The 10 Best Places To Live In Texas For 2018

We used science to determine which places in the Lone Star State are the real superstars. Editor's Note: We updated this article for 2019. This is our fifth time ranking the best places to live in Texas. Swipe left for slideshow. Article continues below. Where are the best places in the state of Texas?


Let us help you buy Franks house.

Inside Frank Sinatra's $12.5M Byrdview Estate (Where Marilyn Monroe Lived in the Guest House!)

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Want to buy a home for $1?

Pretty Italian town sells homes for $1

The pretty Italian town of Sambuca on Sicily is hoping its sale of homes for one euro, or just over a dollar, will help revive its fortunes. There's a catch though -- each buyer must commit to a $17,000 revamp of their dilapidated house.


Home not selling?

When interviewing real estate agents to re-list a home, there are several criteria sellers should take into consideration. An agent should always have the support of a company with a value and belief system in place. The agent you choose should also commit to integrity and have your personal interests in mind.

As your local economist and real estate agent, I am committed to getting your home sold by being creative, always communicating with you, and most importantly having the integrity and trust you can rely on in a dependable real estate agent.

I want to create a personalized plan for your needs that will get your home sold so that you can move into the next one. Why not work with an agent that has a value system you believe in as well as continual success? Let’s get together and discuss your options.

Give me a call so that we can schedule a time to talk.


Relocation to DFW

Too often homebuyers feel rushed and forced to make decisions without thoroughly evaluating their own financial positions and the options available to them. Rushing into home ownership without proper counseling and unrealistic goals often ends up as another bad statistic.

Today’s market is a great time to buy when carefully planned. Home choices are abundant and interest rates are still at historic lows. I would like to walk you through the home buying process at a pace that is right for you. My goal is to find the best home for you and successfully negotiate the best price for you. I will help take the stress out of the buying process and insure costly mistakes are avoided.
Please give me a call or reply to this email to schedule a time we can meet and discuss the process of buying a home.

Life Changing Resolutions

Creative New Year’s Resolutions that
Could Enhance Your Life in 2019


Countless people use the beginning of a new year as an opportunity to set goals for their health, careers, and relationships—hence the age-old concept of New Year’s Resolutions. As you think about what you want to achieve this year, consider the following unique resolutions that could potentially enrich your life:

  • Have lunch with someone with whom you disagree—and vow to keep an open mind. Whether you’ve sparred with a friend about politics, philosophical issues, or you’ve simply had a rift, the first step in healing the relationship is to have a truly open-minded conversation. If you know someone whom you used to value, but whose differences you have been unable to see past, consider inviting them to lunch. Agree that neither of you will attempt to persuade the other; instead, maintain a sense of curiosity and strive to simply have a conversation. Even if you both hold steady to your beliefs, you should be able to establish the mutual sense of respect that is essential to rekindling your relationship.
  • Schedule time to be bored each week. From smartphones to streaming television, many people never feel bored in today’s hyperconnected world. But did you know that occasional boredom can benefit your brain? When your brain has “off time” as it does when you are bored, it becomes better equipped to solve nagging problems, connect disparate ideas, and gain a sense of clarity about your personal journey and goals. While you may find it difficult to relax, resolve that you will schedule some electronics-free time each week to simply do nothing.
  • Seek out rejection. Most people are terrified of rejection—and this fear holds many...

Existing-Home Sales

Existing-Home Sales

This interactive data visualization shows price and sales data, and lets you compare it to prices and sales over the previous 12 months.


All About Home Inspections

When you are looking to purchase a home, it's a good idea to get it inspected first. Think of it as a test drive before you plunk down your life savings and most likely, commit yourself to lengthy mortgage. You want to make sure you're getting a quality home. Below is everything you need to know about getting a home inspection.

Why get an inspection?

A home inspection is the examination of a home, from top to bottom. Just like a routine physical that will alert you to any hidden health problems, an inspection will reveal if a home's structure or if any of its systems are in need of significant repair. Purchasing a home is a big investment -- you're likely to be spending thousands of dollars to buy your new home -- so, you'll want to be sure that your purchase is a smart one. (And that you don't buy the real estate equivalent of a lemon.)

In fact, 99% of all agents counsel their clients to have a home inspection performed of homes they are looking to buy.

Hire a professional

When you hire an inspector, look to hire the best -- it only make sense, since buying a home can be an expensive endeavor.

Look to get a professional who's knowledgeable about a home's system -- that person is likely to be a licensed professional engineer (PE). You can search for a PE in your area on, the website for the National Academy of Building Inspection Engineers. You may also want to check up on inspectors you're considering on sites like the Better Business Bureau and Angie's List.

What does a home inspector check?

A home inspector will...

Back to School We Go!

This is the image for the news article titled

What a day! Back to school AND a solar eclipse?! I think that's a good sign for all of our brilliant young minds - a sign from the stars that this school year, 2018-2019, will be the best by far!

We're here to make it better. Are you looking to downsize now that your high school seniors are off to college? What are you going to do with all that extra space upstairs? Or, is your family growing and you need another room or 2? We would love to help you find what you are looking for, so please don't hesitate to call us anytime! We have an abundance of resources for you!

Talk to you soon!


4 Mortgage Refinancing Mistakes

Thinking about mortgage refinancing? You’re not alone, with some of the best mortgage rates available in history many people are debating whether they should spend the money and refinance.

The benefit of refinancing comes from borrowing at a lower mortgage rate so you can either lower your payments or reduce your loan term, either way saving thousands of dollars over the life of your home loan.

However, there are some pitfalls to watch out for; here are some of the mortgage refinancing mistakes you will want to avoid:

1. Paying high closing costs.

When you refinance, you are essentially getting a new mortgage to replace your old mortgage. This means fees; origination fees, administrative fees and other closing expenses.

Many people simply pay them, adding them to the cost of the loan and reducing the savings benefit of refinancing your home. Instead, shop around and compare costs between various banks and credit unions. Check out this article on how to lower your home loan closing costs.

2. Not getting a big enough discount on the rate.

Many people refinance because rates have dropped but then find that the difference in the interest rate wasn’t big enough to really save them money. If there is only a small difference, the closing costs can erode the savings you are getting.

If you don’t stay in your house for five to seven years after you refinance, this small difference can actually result in you losing out over all. The generally accepted rule of thumb is that the new rate should be at least a full percent lower than your current rate, and you should be planning to stay in your home for a few years....

One Tiny Habit That Leads To Wealth

The One Tiny Habit That Leads to Wealth

In my teens and early 20s social anxiety was wrecking my life. I couldn’t go out and feel comfortable around people without drinking, so I drank. Now, alcohol can lead to a lot of cool stuff but for me it was a crutch and I needed help.

So one day I drove to Barnes and Noble (this was before Amazon was a thing) with a plan to casually stumble into the self-help section.

“Oh, what’s this section all about? Interesting…”

I scanned the shelves super fast worrying I’d bump into someone I knew and have to explain why I was looking through a book with some super embarrassing title. I picked one out and went to check out but when I slid the book across the counter all my nervousness came to a head and I had a total panic attack.

It turns out changing yourself was going to be really, really hard.

Now, did I read that book and cure my social anxiety? No, I read more books, went to therapists, and attended a 12-step group. It was like peeling an onion where I had to keep taking off layers until I got to the core and only from there could I rebuild myself.

And what I learned was that implementing new tiny habits into my life ultimately lead to the change I wanted. Here, let me show you one of them.


3 Things Grads Need To Know About Money

From paying off student loans to saving for retirement. 

For grads who are stressed about the numbers in their bank account—take a deep breath. This week's "Adulthood Made Easy," with host Sam Zabell, breaks down the most important issues young adults need to worry about, as well as the savings plans that will set them up for the future. Zabell is joined by Donna Rosato, a business journalist and senior writer at MONEY, who shares her wisdom on the major money issues most grads will face upon graduation. Below, some of her advice on the most important topics: 

1. Student loans: Rosato's best advice is to increase how much you're paying when your salary increases—it might seem like a big financial commitment initially, but dragging it out over a standard 10 year plan can mean that you pay a lot in interest. If you need help deciding on a payment plan that's right for you, she suggests using the government's Repayment Estimator to help map it out. 

2. Budgeting: Think of it more as a "spending plan." Everyone...

11 Items to Keep in Your Car in Case of Emergency

If you get a flat tire, your car battery dies, or severe weather forces you off the road, will you be prepared? You may already keep essentials such as your owner's manual and proof of insurance in your car, but what else should you have on hand? Even if you pay for a roadside assistance service, here are some essential items to keep in your car in case of emergency.


You can buy a prepackaged kit or assemble your own. Be sure to include bandages in multiple sizes, gauze, an antibiotic cream, over-the-counter pain relievers, allergy medicine, hand sanitizer, and cotton swabs. To be even more prepared, consider packing a thermometer, heating pad, battery-powered radio, and any medications you and your family might need.


Whether you store a case of water bottles or a few jugs in your trunk, water will do more than quench your thirst. You can also use water to clean oil off your clothes or pour into your radiator if your car overheats.


You can use your cell phone as a light source, but you’ll definitely want to preserve your battery in an emergency. A heavy duty, waterproof flashlight will allow you to take a look under the hood and make a nighttime car emergency less scary. Just make sure you have extra batteries.


Keeping blankets, sweatshirts, and other warm clothing in your trunk can be a lifesaver when the temperature drops and you’re stuck in your car without a working heater. If you live in a colder part of the country,...