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11 Reasons Why A Real Estate Agent Would Make The Best President


We’ve already covered why your real estate agent is your best friend… but could an agent also be your best choice for President? I think so, and here are 11 reasons why.

1. Real estate agents are great at public speaking.

In fact, they spend at least 75% of their time talking to, lecturing, training, mentoring, and educating their clients and some co-workers. An agent wouldn’t even need a speechwriter because they can speak off the cuff and from the heart. You can trust what they say, too, because they tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. Wouldn’t this be a refreshing change in the highest elected politician?

2. A real estate agent would reduce the national debt.

Real estate agents know all about managing money. Since it takes 30-45 days for a sale to close and earn a paycheck, agents learn to spend their money wisely and stick to a tight budget. They already are conditioned to account for money spent on marketing, office expenses, association dues and other things – so that would help when needing to revamp social security, government spending and how often to vacation in Hawaii. They know not to spend carelessly because they have to deduct broker fees and 30% in taxes from their checks, so having been self-employed would be a huge asset when running the country.

3. Real estate agents are always accessible.

They always answer their phones, and can also be reached via e-mail, text message, and various social media platforms, pretty much all hours of the day. It’s important to know that the Commander in Chief can easily be reached and will also “like” your posts and even re-tweet you. But, don’t call on the red phone!

4. Real estate agents are decisive.

They don’t dilly-dally around because they know that time is of the essence. When a situation arises, they would have no problems making tough decisions, like where to hide the Easter eggs for the annual hunt on the White House lawn, and whether to stock Coke or Pepsi on Air Force One.

5. Real estate agents don’t give false promises.

Not ethical ones, anyway—most of which are. Part of an agent’s job is to manage the expectations of a client, making sure to explain all the negative scenarios that might pop up along the way. With all the ups and downs of a real estate transaction, it’s never wise nor ethical to knowingly give false hope. Most agents know this and take this very seriously.

6. Real estate agents have no “quit” in them.

They’re 24/7 work-machines that run on little sleep and lots of caffeine and don’t shy away from hard work. In fact, the more challenging the task, the more it pushes them to work even harder to get the job done right and fast. There’s nothing more valuable to an agent than time, because time is money.

7. No tax money needed for an interior designer for the White House.

A real estate agent would have a ball staging and redecorating the White House because they know what’s hot and what’s not. They would respect the vintage feel, but also offer a creative touch to spruce the place up a bit. No need to contract out.

8. Real estate agents are master negotiators.

Every real estate transaction requires negotiating with all parties involved. This skill set would be instrumental in unifying congress, and the end result would be a happy America. Agents like making people happy, especially their clients. Having an unhappy buyer or seller is unacceptable and won’t generate any referrals in the future, so agents are good at keeping their cool and making clients feel they’re always their number one priority throughout all negotiations.

9. Transparent communication is second nature to a real estate agent.

The American people crave transparency, and they’d receive it at all times because agents are used to sending mass emails to everyone with a quick de-briefing. Agents appreciate clear communication from start to finish from all those involved in a transaction, so you can expect the same treatment from the Oval Office.

10. No one is a better listener than a real estate agent.

Americans want to be heard and to know their President cares about them. Agents spend most of their days listening to clients’ needs and wants, complaints and vents, and pretty much their whole life story.

11. Real estate agents thrive on helping others live the American Dream by becoming homeowners.

How much more American can you get?

My choice for President would be none other than Phil Dunphy. Phil, we need you to run!

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