There are plenty of ways to invest money; you can invest in the stock market, purchase gold, or try your hand in the cryptocurrency market. But there’s one long-term investment in America that’s far more popular than the rest—and that’s real estate.

    According to a recent survey from Bankrate, real estate now officially tops the list of most popular long-term investment options in America. When asked how they would prefer to invest money they wouldn’t need for 10 years or more, 31 percent of respondents said real estate, which is significantly higher than the next most popular investment on the list—stocks, which came in at 20 percent. And the younger generation is even more excited about the investment potential of real estate, with 36 percent of respondents in the millennial age group choosing real estate as their investment of choice.

    The Takeaway:

    So, what does that mean for you? Real estate is the most popular long-term investment in America for a reason. It’s a reliable way to build wealth and invest in your future—and with mortgage interest rates hovering near three-year lows, now is a great time to make the investment.