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Safety Tips To Remember When Listing Your Home

Home sellers spend a lot of time preparing their homes for sale. However, once the For Sale sign goes up on your property, it can be easy to forget that you may need to take additional security precautions to keep your home and belongings safe during the process. Mary Wassef, a Realtor® with Circa Real Estate in Houston, Texas offers five important tips to keep in mind.

After listing and selling homes for the past 10 years I’ve realized times they are a changing. I think it’s important for sellers to remember these key tips when getting ready to put your house on the market:

1. Strangers will be walking through your home during showings and/or open houses. Hide your valuables in a safe place. For security’s sake, remember to remove keys, credit cards, jewelry, and any other valuables from the home during the listing period or at least during showings. Also consider removing or hiding prescription drugs. Some seemingly honest people wouldn’t think twice about getting their hands on any of these items.

2. Don’t leave personal information like mail or bills out in the open where anyone can see it. Be sure to lockdown your computer, laptop, IPAD and/or any other expensive electronic devices, prior to your showings.

3. Do not show your home by yourself. If someone comes to your door claiming to be an agent and you have no scheduled appointment, ask them to call your agent to confirm an appointment. Predators come in all shapes and sizes. They can refer all inquiries to your agent.

4. You are responsible for your pets. If possible, your animals should be removed during showings. If that isn’t possible make sure they are locked up. Fido may be the most friendly dog in the neighborhood, but when it comes to a stranger, you just can’t be sure. You don’t want to be held liable for any attacks or incidents related your pets.

5. When leaving your home so that it can be shown, make sure all doors are locked. Other agents will be able to access the property through the lockbox. You don’t want any unwanted visitors entering the property without proper accessiblity.

I have done enough open houses to know to be aware of visitor’s patterns. I am aware of how important it is to protect your home and everything in it. Open houses are a big part of our marketing strategies. If you would like to discuss this information more or you are interested in listing your home please do not hesitate to call us. Successful listing and marketing of your home is our number one priority!


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