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Six Parabolic Modules Shape Up Original House Design in Mexico

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The story of this house in Mexico begun when architecture firm PRODUCTORA was challenged to re-purpose six parabolic modules: “A friend of ours inherited of a number of polyester structures recovered from a modular house where they used to spend their weekends in the 1970s. The owners bought a new plot of land in a small town, about one hour from Mexico City in order to accommodate these fiberglass shapes”, the architects explained. The first step was to force the volumes back to their original shape and cover them with a new coating of polyester and fiberglass.

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[Photography: PRODUCTORA and Luis Gallardo]

The result is a highly original residence with dome-shaped ceilings and a vibrant interior feel: “At the scale of the whole plot, PRODUCTORA gave the powerful flower-like structure of the recycled domes a central position, while all the other additions are scattered around the plot. By considering the whole plot as an active field in which several activities take place (sleeping, cooking, swimming, sunbathing, guestrooms, grill area) the whole composition loses its centrifugal straight-jacket and becomes a more open and dynamic layout.” How would you comment on this unconventional architecture approach in Mexico? 

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 By Lavinia

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