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Small home, big views! See inside this stunning tiny home

It may be tiny, but the new 160-square-foot home feels much bigger thanks to its long panoramic windows that draw the outdoors in.

Steve Niedorf / Courtesy of Escape Vista

This gorgeous new design from tiny home builder Escape Homes starts at $40,000 and includes all the small living features one needs such as kitchen amenities, a bathroom with full shower, and of course a comfy place to rest your head. And with the ability to gaze outside from almost every inch of the place, it’s just begging to be parked at a scenic spot. Vacation in the mountains, anyone?

Steve Niedorf / Courtesy of Escape Vista

The living space is small but efficient. There’s a double-sized daybed (queen-bed optional), extensive storage and LED lighting.

Steve Niedorf / Courtesy of Escape Vista

Maple cabinetry fills the kitchen, along with a stainless sink, small dining/work table, undercounter refrigerator/freezer and solid butcher block tops. It’s energy efficient with high-tech insulation, and solar power and off-grid features are available.

You can also upgrade with USB outlets, a pop-up flatscreen TV with Blu-ray, and even a washer and dryer if your heart desires.

Steve Niedorf / Courtesy of Escape Vista

“[The home] is specifically designed to let you escape the stresses that invade all of our lives,” architect and designer Kelly Davis said in a press release. Besides the calming effects of the natural interiors, this little house is sure to help those in it connect back with nature.

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