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Small Kitchens, Smart Design

Clever layouts and storage solutions prove that small kitchens can be functional and fabulous.

Photo courtesy of Lowe's Creative Ideas

Storage Galore

The open shelves above and narrow cabinets on each side of the refrigerator make great use of all the available storage space in this small kitchen design. 

Going Glass

An easy way to visually expand a kitchen is to add glass. Upper glass front cabinets and pull-out pilasters for spices on each side of the range provide storage and add beauty to this smaller kitchen.


The Gallery House by DADA & Partners

Gallery House by DADA & Partners

Architecture firm DADA & Partners have designed a new house in Chattarpur, India.

Gallery House by DADA & Partners

The home, which is surrounded by a quarter-acre of land, features a palette of wood, white stucco,
and granite.

Gallery House by DADA & Partners

A swimming pool is tucked away at the side of the house.

Gallery House by DADA & Partners

Hardwood battens create a screen for the upper corridor.

Gallery House by DADA & Partners

The multi-level home has the dining room, master bedroom, and family room on the ground floor, with the upper floor providing a more relaxing lounge area, with various seating areas.

Gallery House by DADA & Partners

Gallery House by DADA & Partners

Inside, there are white walls with plenty...

Inside A Tiny House That Actually Has Room For Guests!!!

There are two (!!) bedrooms in a very tidy 184 square feet. 

One downside (or upside, depending how you look at it) of downsizing to a tiny house is no longer hosting overnight guests. There's simply no room for extra bodies when you're already scrambling to fit the kitchen sink. 

Meet the answer to your entertaining woes: the Hikari Box Tiny House. Made by the small space experts Shelter Wise, the home makes the most of its 184 square feet by lofting a master and guest bedroom. The "large" suite can accommodate a luxuriously-wide queen bed, and the second loft can fit a twin mattress (or a cozy reading nook if you're so inclined).

The extra bedroom doesn't mean less storage space, however. A set of Japanese "tansu" stairs also function as a large closet — not to mention a perfectly-sized cabinet for wine, like in this model. 

If you're still not sold on the tiny house lifestyle, what the Hikari may lack in space it makes up for in windows. Its name, which means "light-filled" in Japanese, comes from the 14 windows (including a skylight over each bedroom). Star-gazing from your queen-sized bed doesn't...

Looking for a Custom Home? Check out John Houston!!!

As you may know, Keller Williams values are: God first, family second and business last.
Our Team strives to do business with other companies who share in the same values.
John Houston Custom Homes is one of those companies. John Houston himself said
"'[The Lord says] Love your neighbor as yourself,’ and in order to do that you have to
have a relationship with [your neighbor]. You have to have a relationship with others.
So pretty much everything surrounds relationships. That’s kind of how we tend to have
our business to impact our community." 

Maybe you've seen our Team slogan; "Because people don't care how much you know,
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We would love the opportunity to show you just how much we care!!! Call us today,
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Bryson Manor by Lillian Custom Homes

Do you love the idea of owning a unique and modern home? Let us make your idea a reality!!!

Bryson Manor by Lillian Custom Homes is an up & coming *ALL ELECTRIC* new community with
spacious floorplans, lots of 3-car garage options, granite counter tops in the Kitchens and Master
Bathrooms and so much more that you need to see!!! Bryson Manor is located in the Midlothian ISD
and there is a brand new elementary school opening in August of this year. We have provided a link
for you to check out the construction on the new school here:   

Give us a call so that we can set you up with a custom - modern - uniquely yours home today!

Lillian Custom Homes